Le Drogman Arabe (1894)

Drogman Arabe

Le Drogman Arabe, by Joseph Harfouch, is a great little teach-yourself book for Arabic, with all the comforting grammatical patterns and useful phrases an upper-class francophone might need on an Oriental tour.  This “livre utile et pratique” was designed for those who wished to gain a working knowledge of “la belle mais difficile langue arabe”.

Langue arabe

It’s full of gems – how to order a servant to put a light in the chandelier, how to affirm that the parcel you’re mailing to Europe contains no explosives, inflammable materials, or other prohibited items – but my favourite is the section on hiring a ‘real’ dragoman.


Harfouch, Joseph (1894) Le drogman arabe, ou, Guide pratique de l’arabe parlé en caractères figurés: pour le Syrie, la Palestine et l’Egypte. Beyrouth: Libr. de l’imprimerie catholique.


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